Friday, January 20, 2012


Two years ago my beloved AWD minivan kicked the bucket. We went looking for another one. Hello.
Only the Toyota Sienna was available in AWD. But no way was I paying the over $40K price tag. Living in our area where we get snow every winter, my lovely refused to have a car without AWD.

So I ended up buying a 2010 Subaru Outback. Loved it (notice the past tense). I could have driven this car for years and years. Only drawback was no third row seating which has snaff-fooed a few playdates at this house but over all no big deal. My hubby didn't like the color (white) and cloth interior (didn't bother me)...those were his only complaints. It rocked in the snow, rain, and any other crappy weather it encountered.

Then why am I driving a Subaru Tribeca? Third row seating. Grey exterior. Leather interior. Blinged out. Great deal on our trade in and we don't owe much on this new car.

Most of the folks who've seen it in the driveway has asked "didn't you just get a new car earlier?" has me bashful about admitting we got a different car. Now, each of our boys can bring along a friend.

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