Saturday, April 13, 2013


I did it finally.

No, I didn't do something silly like give up coffee again.  That would be CRAZY...thank you very much for staying with this blog enough to know my love, love, love for coffee is everlasting.

For the last twenty years! (Yikes!), I've been drinking my coffee with artificial sweetener and powdered cream.  Nothing like starting your day of with a healthy (not) of chemicals...

Needless to say, I stopped ALL artificial sweeteners in my life about three months ago.  Diet Coke? NO. Coke Zero? Not this hero.

Banned from the Ramblin' On household.

But my coffee-still liked it light and sweet so I switched to regular sugar (1 TBSP) and half & half (also 1 TBSP).

Kills me to drink 65 calories per cup but I'm dedicated.

But my jeans have not been liking the changes because the button got mad and wouldn't go through the hole.  Uuugghh...

Guess I've got some tweaking to do on my diet.

I have trained my pallet and mind to not think coffee has to be sweet or creamy.

Two weeks and I've done it. I've convinced my mind!!

I. Drink. My. Coffee. Military-style. Black. Bold. And. In. Your. FACE.


Heard that emotions such as confidence, self-esteem, and love FOLLOWS the ACTION. I think because our minds are so much slower than the rest of our body to convince us.

I can now peddle 10 minutes less on my bike or treadmill because I went black and I am not lookin' back.