Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I've been Watching

Folks. It's another edition of What I'm Watching.  TV. So old school right?

Here at the Ramblin' On household we've been watching all the NFL Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.  In addition, any college games which happens to be on Saturday.

But here are shows I am following...

Once Upon A Time
The Mindy Project (check this witty!)
New Girl

I'm actually the worse kind of TV viewer. Besides The Biggest Loser, I don't watch shows past the second season because that's when the show runs out of topics and the plot usually nosedives.  The only exception was Seinfeld.  Still can catch it on re-runs sometimes.  Still funny. Regardless of years.

I know there are more important things to talk about (like all the stuff on Pinterest) but since being sick on and off for the last two months-I've been watching more TV than usual. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

happier subjects: transformation of free baby bag

A friend of mine gave me this bag.  It's from our local hospital.  It's lovely and would make a great swim bag or grocery bag. 

However, it has advertisement on the pocket.  We all get free stuff. We love it at the time but how many of us wished it didn't have advertisement on it?  Solution.

Unravel the stitching.  Iron on a lovely piece of fabric to cover it.  Stitch the top over and sew it back into place along the sides and bottom.  And you get a unique, repurposed bag.

Did you all vote?

I did.

I must not be on the pulse of what the majority wants because everything I voted for...did not swing my way.

First of all, the selection for the President's job.  I have to say we deserve the President we voted for and I just hope President Obama focuses on real issues and do what's truly right and not what's popular to win a popularity contest.  I felt like his whole campaign was based on he being "cooler and more  connected" than Mitt Romney.

However, I want to put it out there that Mitt won me over in the second debate when he put emphasis on parents and parenting being the number one deterrent to the gun control-not more legislation.  I admire a man who speaks what he believes.

Another measure which passed that I am totally pissed off about is the legalization of recreational marijuana.  Here's my beef.  Your main push for it is because it will bring in revenue?!  What about what's right?  The thing about smoking this crap is smoking this crap and those around you having to inhale it.  Secondhand smoke.  How many lungs and brain cells are we risking in the name of revenue?  We are an impressionable society. IF it's legal, we are more apt to try and use it.  I will go on record in saying it will cost us more to treat the residual effects of marijuana users-lung cancer, being unmotivated, and just crime.

I'm sorry to rant about these two issues. I'm just frustrated with raising my kids to be a productive and decent human beings and it's come down to who's popular and how can we make more money.  Sad.

I leave with this..."don't let other people's actions dictate your character.". 

Monday, November 5, 2012


Let me introduce you to "Rachael".  She was broken.  She was taken apart.  Her insides were spilled out and it small bags.

I wished I would have taken a before picture.  She was listed under the "free" section of Craigslist.

She was stuck in reverse. That was why the previous owner took her apart.  But she couldn't figure out how to get it unstuck.

I brought her home.  I was sure if lovely hubby and I couldn't fix her, I could use her for a spare parts machine.

When I turned her on, she was very quiet and smooth.  AAAAHHH. If she was working right, she would crank out some cute quilts and be a great beginner machine.

The lovely hubby fixed her.  There was a fault with the reverse spring.  It didn't spring.  Lovely fixed her!!!

We put her back and I got a new friend.  Any guess of what I will be doing tomorrow after my run?  I will be sewing you all.

Oh, and the cherry on top?  I found her manual for FREE on the website.  High five for me.