Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poke Mom?

My boys hit the motherload this past Christmas in terms of Pokeman cards. Loads of them and the boys were having a difficult time carrying them around or keeping them organized enough to play with them.

Oh did I mention these cards cost a lot money? Like $4 for 10 cards. Well, I never. Okay, I did it twice as a reward for chores, being a good friend to each other, and just because I was in a rare mood to treat them.

What I needed were card-holding books. We went to four different stores in our little town and the surrounding areas and it was a no go. Not surprised. Well, there were baseball card sleeves that fit into a big binder. No good for little hands and travel. Not to mention it was $8.99 for six. Outrageously priced.

Enter cheap, 4 x 6" photo albums-if I sewed up the middle of the albums, each sleeve could hold four Pokeman cards. Ta. Da. Took me two hours to sew and organize nine albums. Oh the best part, I got each album for $1 which holds 72 cards. Yes, each boy filled four albums. I made an extra one for a friend.

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