Monday, January 23, 2012

I love this blog above. This lady was over 300 lbs and lost it 13 years ago and has KEPT IT OFF. She has wonderful insights and is very candid about her experiences.

I was doing really well for two weeks and had lost 2 lbs. But last week with the kids off and me not exercising...I ATE THE HOUSE DOWN. Great, now I have gained back the two I just lost.

Really the kids staying home is not a good excuse. Reading posts helps me reset my mind about where I am going with my weight. Here's three:

1. One reason I am working on my health and weight is: ______
To not be in pain when I do normal activities with my kids and live long enough to play with my grandkids.
2. One thing I’d like to do when I get to the weight I want to be is: ______
Recognize that this is where I am and enjoy the hardwork. Not stress over gaining it all back (is this unrealistic?!).

3. The biggest obstacle that is standing in the way of me reaching my goal is: _____ and I can overcome that obstacle by: _______
Biggest obstacle is my need to comfort myself with food and I can overcome this by turning on to other things like exercise or just stopping when I find myself mindlessly rummaging in my kitchen. In the past, whenever I turn down a temptation food, I have mixed emotions: proud and feel deprived at the same time-proud I resisted but feel like I didn't get to eat the temptation food. I'm embarrassed to even write this down for all to see but it is what it is.

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