Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So, so different

It occurred to me yesterday when S.E. was working on his origami birds how good he is at fine motor skill tasks. He is really good at origami. He watches You Tube videos and has several books from an aunt for Christmas and boy has he torn through those.

He is like me in his hoarding of materials. I hoard fabric and this boy hoards origami paper. He will not let anyone amature use this precious paper because once it's folded incorrectly-it's toast. When he first started gettting origami, we went to four stores and no one had origami paper. What's nice about this paper is it's cut into squares which most structures like birds and what nots are made from. Second, it's thin and has really pretty colors. It's nice to sit with S.E. and make origami structures with him.

On the other hand, Koo has developed himself into a hula hoop master. He learned how to do this about a year ago and we picked a hula hoop up at a garage sale over the summer and he spun and spun. S.E. for the life of him could not get the hang of this. Well, our garage sale hoop bit the dust so for his birthday he asked for a new one and now he has a nice one (made in the USA!!).

Well, I am like S.E. and has not ever been able to hula hoop. But, I've been practicing all yesterday and was able to keep it going for 10 seconds.

Two boys. Two different hobbies. One mama trying to keep up with their interest. Hope I don't get a paper cut or throw out my back.

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