Saturday, August 27, 2011


As my skin continues to heal, I am finding now with the kids in school, I am struggling with not signing myself up for too many activities.

I still have to remember my skin can go south in a matter of days and since I still have open sores, it can turn bad quickly.

So I take this moment to remind myself that I can't volunteer for every function, I can't make full meals for all, I can't run around trying to take care of everyone. I love doing this but right now, I have to not do anymore than the bare minimum.

Last night, I had a moment of panic because I started scratching at a spot that still has not healed and got flashbacks of literally going crazy as my skin oozed and itched.

Friday, August 26, 2011

On the road again. I am tired during the day and fear I might still have the lovely side effects of mono and its' cousins and relatives still hanging out in my system.

It's been a crazy week with getting kids ready for school, figuring out if they get on the right bus, and just figuring out what my schedule is suppose to look like without them.

Since I've been trying to get back into working out, I tried a Gravity Pilates class yesterday. Seriously the hardest class I've ever taken. Your own body weight and strength to workout. I told the teacher she needs to let the military know about her machine because guarantee if the class ran over a few more minutes, she would've been able to get my bank account pin number and all the deeds to my possessions. It was torture. I'll try to go next week. The only reason I tried it was it was the only class at 9:30am that I can attend while the kids are in school.

Today, I ran for 40 minutes. Not fast. Really slow but I was going for time-not distance. I did it and feel very proud of myself for not letting my setback keep me down today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st day of school!!!

Well we are off to another school year. This is Koo's first year in the public school system as a Kindergartener. He has been PUMPED!!

So this morning, I got up and made S.E. a yummy lunch. Then I made one of their favorite breakfast: slow-cooking oatmeal and bacon with a side of maple syrup to mop up the combination.

Brushed teeth, combed hair, got dress, and loaded up the backpacks and went to the bus stop. What was really nice was while we were waiting there, two staff from the school district came to welcome us to the new bus service into our vinyl village. Up until this year, there was no bus service to this neighborhood so I got seriously burnt out carpooling last year.

As a nervous mom (I didn't let the boys know), I snapped pics of them waiting for the bus, then once the got on, I ran to their school with camera in hand and got to the bus stop at school with 2 minutes to spare (and catch my breath).

Then I got them off to the proper line. My boys thought I was so cool to be at both places. Supermom moment right?! (ha ha).

It's now quiet at home. The only sad part is not having S.E. at home for lunch. And then there were three...

Note: There's only one published pic b/c other pics had other kids in the background and I don't like to publish pics w/out permission.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling better and grateful to have my children back from vacation. They have grown. They have gotten closer because they haven't had mom or dad with them at all times.

I am forever grateful to my family for helping me get better. I panic last night because I had a beginning of a red rash last night and freaked! I am so scared my skin will break out again. I'm trying to stay calm.

This morning, it looks better. Thank you Lord. I got in almost 3 miles run this morning to help me calm down.

Monday, August 15, 2011

First outside run in a long, long time this morning. I smiled the entire run bursting with joy because my skin didn't get itchy or flared up. My legs are weaker and it was a slow go, but what a joy to be running outside again. I've been walking daily but that's hard for an efficient gal like myself. But, I'll take what I can get. I'm trying to think long-term.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rag Quilt. Of course scrap fabric. Three hours of cutting, piecing, and sewing. Baby quilt size. Another one for ATV.

Happy to have husband home from one week camping in Lake Chelan. Why does he look like this? Bike ramp + bike malfunction = landing on your wrists resulting in this new look.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Another day, another quilt. So the story behind the fabrics. The blocks are made from scraps from other quilts dating back three years or so ago. Whenever I would have a little bit of fabric left, I would cut them into 1 1/2" strips and when I have a moment, I would make these random blocks.

In the attempt to thin my hoarders stash of uncompleted sewing projects, I pulled it out and had to make one more blue block to complete this quilt.

I was going to use a cotton background but got grumpy and didn't want to iron anymore so I found I had just the right size fleece in a close enough green to make it work.

Note: I did a quick stitch in the ditch around the green borders and called it good because I'm about getting done.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another quilt made with garage sale scrap fabrics for Alternatives to Violence. As you can see, my quilts would never win any awards because it's so simple and quite honestly, I detest the quilting portion of quilting. I like the piecing and binding portion. I like quilts that are finished. That's the best kind for me. Total cost: $5 (high estimate).


Look who finally lost his first tooth?! S.E.'s tooth are just as stubborn as he is. It took so long to come out, his permanent tooth (as seen in the background) came up before his baby tooth began to come loose.

Koo has two gone and S.E. has been distraught over the fact that he's seven and still has not lost a tooth when all his friends and baby brother has lost several.

Okay. So I started this quilt to take my mind off missing my kids and hubby. It is made from fabric I found ($1) at a garage sale last weekend. I spent $10 on the white background fabric. It's all flannel. I made it on my small Kenmore $10 sewing machine in my kitchen.

I delivered to Alternatives to Violence to be used for their shelters. It's my fabric hug and support to those coming out of a bad situation.


My skin two weeks ago. Raised. Raw. Painful. Covered 80% of my body.

My skin today. Less flaring. Less irritated. Yay!!!

So my love and our boys have been on vaca in for five days now and I've been home by myself. I miss them terribly. So much free time on my hands but all is not what it seams in the Ramblin' On household.

I've been driving an hour each way to get treatment for my skin. The GREAT news is my skin is looling amazing (for me) because 1) it's not inflamed and irritated 2) it does not itch 3) the sores are healing up nicely. However, when you see it, you might feel bad for me because there's a lot of scarring and discolored skin pigmentation.

But, I'm so happy to not be itching and to be able to feel somewhat sane that I have been doing nothing but going to my appointments and going on the occasional walk in the morning and evenings.

So. No house projects. No deep cleaning. Nothin' but reading, watching TV, and sewing. This is not how I envisioned time without my kids to be like-I should be more productive but I'm fighting for my health so I'm taking it easy. The projects, the cleaning, and the runarounds will all still be there but if my I don't get my skin to a healthier place, I ain't no good for anyone/anything.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm not quite certain where to start. Life's been throwing me a curveball and I'm trying to stay in the game.

In the past month, my skin has gone from worse to critical especially about a week or so ago. My skin flared up everywhere especially in my torso area and arms. It started oozing clear liquid and was painful and itchy at the same time. I was on the first week of my two weeks vacation camping with family.

I was so bad, my husband took my home and I went to my doctors. My primary to get steriod creme to help with the skin. Then went to my natural path doctor for acupuncture and laser treatment. She has been amazing. I have been traveling one hour each way since to see her and I am 75% recovered. It's been amazing to see how each day my skin has healed up from the inside out.

As I have been explained: the acupuncture points ran from the top of my head to my feet. Then electrical currents were attached to the needles and it stimulates certain targeted organs like the liver, adrenal glands, allergy points to help heal my skin. And it has been working.

So, here is the "selfish" part. My husband and kids left yesterday to Lake Chelan for one week of camping. They are with family. I am at home by myself so I can recover and continue my treatment.

What else do I have to do? 1) stay out of the sun 2) acupuncture and laser 3) elimination diet to rid the gut of toxic fungal infection that caused my immune system to go haywire and attack my body 4) rest & reduce stress (this one is the hardest learning to stay still and say "No").

My skin is smooth but still blotchy from the flareups. The best part is I have not taken any allergy medication in almost two weeks.

The hardest part is not being with my family. My men are gone and my heart is heavy.