Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let it snow. It's finally here and I am scrambling to find my hoarder's collection of mitts, gloves, hats, and snow pants for the boys.

I rival Ralphy and Frankie's mom in "A Christmas Story" when it comes to bundling the boys up for school.

However, after years of looking like a human sausage, I think S.E. is finally done with me. He's not having any of it. He dodges and whines when I try to add a hat or a coat over his favorite fleece shell he calls "coatie". He is very stubborn about wearing any other jacket. He wears this fleece every day. all the time.

Where does he get this? Then I recall how I was as a kid and how I would wear the same yellow and green coat all the time too. Even when it got too small. I was first in line for hand-me-downs so it wasn't a matter of not having a coat. This coat was special because it zipped just right. I didn't get too hot or too cold in it.

Now I see the same traits in S.E. and have to let it go. I'll just save the coats/clothes he doesnt' wear to pass along to Koo. Now with Koo, he's always so messy that he rarely has time to spend in one outfit long enough to get attached. It's usually in the hamper by hour three of wear due to whatever food, ink, or just plain dirt has attached itself on to him.

What about you? Do you have a favorite go-to item?

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