Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am amazed at how wonderful men can be. I was cleaning up after dinner and my lovely husband and his bestfriend were downstairs discussing the yard and how they tend to depended on how the wives like it. This was after they installed my new front loader washer and dryer. So when I get frustrated about the little things, I've got to remember how much they do for us.
I'm back. 7 1/2 hours of driving. Boys were great. Husband drove the entire way (thanks lovely). Broken washer. UUGGGHHH!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's up with the ramblin' on lady?

No kids. No hubby. Not even home. For one week. I'm back at my folks' home learning how to properly make professional curtains, upholster cushions, pillows, etc. And the quality time with my parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews. I've seen Toy Story 3 twice with different kids. LOVE IT. Also, I've got a fair amount of shopping in without interruptions and while it's been wonderful, my duffle bag is bulging so it's time to slow down. I've been able to take a total body bootcamp. Wonderful workouts. I'm enjoying my "vacation" but I am missing my husband and children. Oh, where are they you wonder? My kids are at my sister-in-law's (bless her soul) and my lovely is at home working and doing whatever he wants-probably taking apart some electronic device.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Tube?

I have recently discovered You Tube. How country am I? I have been getting great advice on sewing and re-discovering my youth by watching old 80's music videos. Remember when MTV had music in it?

Boys Update

The boys are in vacation Bible school and are loving it. I think the boys like the time apart because they have been enjoying each other in the afternoons. I'm going to have to go to my experienced moms for advice regarding how to get kids to get along better. I know ultimately it lies on my shoulders if their lives go awry and they don't get along as adults. I'm hopeful today because I know there's a lot of other humans they can connect with.

As for Bible school, the boys have been calling a man "Dude". We were reading stories from their Bibles (given to them by the church) and they were telling me where "Dude" wants them to read. Had I not attended on Tuesday, I would have been confused. Well, they are enjoying it and getting up each day this week and going through the motions without much fuss. Now, if only I can get me to not fuss at them.

My goal is to try to go from Nagger-Drill Sergeant to Loving Mommy again. It's just too important.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Love's Birthday

Happy Birthday to my lovely husband. He turns 36 today (yes that's 2 1/2 years younger than me). He truly is my better half. I know I couldn't stay home with our kids without his hardwork and dedication to our family. In addition, he has so much more patience than anyone I know. He loves to cuddle, sing and dance to silly songs, re-wire, re-plumb, and teach a friend how to change his oil (that's what he has done just this week). Also, he loves with great generosity. Happy Birthday to my lovely husband.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cow Creek Race

Before and after the race.

The boys and I participated in a 2 mile fun run in a neighboring town's community days. The weather was perfect-sunny with a slight breeze. This is S.E. and Koo's first race. S.E. completed the entire race with half running and walking with a potty break along the weeds 1.5 miles into it. Koo started at the beginning at his bullet pace but burnt out early and by 0.5 mile, he was ready to stop all together. Thank goodness, lovely husband was on the sidelines to get him. We finished the run in 28 minutes.
In addition to the race, there was a classic car show so my lovely could check out the cars while he waited for us. All in all, a wonderful time and I think I have ignited the running bug into S.E. He is so excited to run another race but I think we will have to have more training. In ending, I just want to express how grateful I feel to be able to raise my boys in an environment where they are excited to go out and exercise. S.E. asked if there was a prize for running and I said "Yes, you get to make your body happy".

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Is it considered stealing if you take an apparatus which your trainer really likes to make you hang from and do leg pull-ups? There are other ways to work your core. It's unnatural, painful, and I really look like a dork hanging off of it. Worse when trainer has to lift you up because you can't hang on to your own weight. It would be kind to rid the gym of this orture device don't you think? Really, I'd be doing everyone a favor. Only I did mention this to my trainer so he would know who the culprit was if this theft were to occur.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

While I was home in the 'burbs of Seattle, I ran a long and steep hill which led up to my parents home. I had never ran up this hill in all the years I've lived over there because of its' steepness. I ran this hill at the end of my 5 mile run and felt great. Loved it. Another benefit to living where I do now, because there's hills everywhere. You can't run outside and avoid a hill.

Yesterday, I ran down to the gym and lifted weights for one hour and ran home. I'm tired and sore today. I hope I'll be able to get another nice workout in today.

Monday, June 7, 2010

We just returned from Seattle to visit family. It was to celebrate my mom's 60th birthday. She is an amazing and generous woman. She's a spunky lady. All of my siblings with the exception of my baby sister's famiy came to the party and my boys were in cousin heaven. Between us five siblings, there are eleven grandchildren. They all adore my mom. She's got a pretty special bond with each grandchild. I hardly saw my kids this weekend because they were running around with their cousins. They got to spend the night both nights with my younger sister. She has three of the most juicy and lovely boys. I remember those days when I got to see my cousins. I would post pictures and talk more about them but don't out of respect for their privacy.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I was informed by my lovely husband that I did not scratch during the night. YEAH!!! I am on a low nickel diet and I am finding myself not being as itchy. In addition, I went to a nurse/chiropractor/acupunture/nutritionist yesterday and I was very excited because she is certain she can help my skin. She believes in working from the inside out and she has help at least two people I know, recover from their contact dermatitis. I'm not putting all my cards in one basket but with her help in addition to my eliminating foods which trigger my skin flare-ups, I believe my skin can get better. I'm staying positive and my remind myself that "I am not by body" and "don't eat your problems away". It helps calm me and when I get anxious, I just sit down and relax. Hopefully, I am on the mend.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6th year to me!!

When S.E. was born, so was my new job title: SAHM. It's been six years of crying, cleaning up bottoms (still doing this), laughing, and getting to see the two most beautiful human beings in the whole world to me grow. I got to witness it all. Things I still love about my job: holding warm boys when they wake up from their naps, eating with gusto, learning to ride their trikes, bikes, and swim. Also, when they thank me without me prompting them or when they come up behind me to hug me-I love it all. Even when they drive me to bake something with two sticks of butter and gobble half up it up before it cools, this is still the best job.