Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bogs Part Deux

I gave in a bought a pair of Bogs boots today. The boys and the lovely have been wearing these for years and I didn't think I would want one because between an old pair of snow boots and hiking shoes, I couldn't make the case.

Well. Yesterday I had five boys playing outside for over two hours and when they came in, only my boys' socks were dry. I have routinely asked them if their feet get wet in the boots and they always say no.

Whereas, my boots were horrible and my feet were cold the entire time outside.

So I bought a pair. They were regularly $90 and I got them for $60. My feet won't grow anymore so I could have these for years.

Oh in case I didn't mention before, these boots stay warm and dry up to -30F. They are easy to slip on and my boys wear them all year round. Yupe. Even in the summer.

Only drawback is it's slightly high on the frump factor.


Betina said...

Haven't you heard? Frumpy is the new sexy!

Ramblin' On said...

See I'm so cool I don't even know it.