Thursday, January 19, 2012


There was this space next to our refrigerator when we moved in over eight years ago that I've always hated.
I've wanted a pantry there and had even went as far as getting estimates. Holy expensive for a pantry (over $1,500). There had to be a better way. So I waited. A couple of times, I would put a dresser I got from the thrift store there but it really didn't cut the mustard. I didn't need counterspace. I needed something to put my big bins of flour, cereal and whatnots.
Then I found these unfinished oak cabinets at Home Depot and lone and be hold they had a pantry cabinet one. We got it for $159 and with stain and trim it was a whopping $230 for the whole thing.
With lovely hubby putting on his Bob the Builder hat on he cut, stained, installed my pantry. If I can ever find the before pic, I will post but here's the finished...

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