Friday, August 6, 2010

car talk

"Mom, can we have a chimney?" -Koo

"Why honey?" -me

"So Santa can bring our gifts to us." -Koo

"No Koo, he comes through our door." -S.E.

"No, S.E., he comes through our vents." -Koo

"Wow Koo, how do you know what vents are?" -me

"Dad gets mad when I put things down the vents." -Koo

"So, Koo you're saying Santa turns to dust to deliver presents? That doesn't make sense Koo." -S.E.

And off we continue to go to one of our favorite thrift stores.
I'm doing it. I've been following this man's blog for several months. He has been walking since March from Rockaway Beach, NY to Rockaway Beach, OR (one of my favorite places in the world). Well. He is about 30 miles from PULLMAN right now. I am going to back some cookies, gather some sundries, water and pack my family into the car and will bring him some food and cheer. Why?! Because if he can walk across the United States from I can run 26.2 miles in one day. Very inspirational. I highly recommend you checking out his blog.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things to do with the kids

Puzzles. We love them. Not the 1000 piece puzzles-too much commitment for 4 and 6 year olds. No. The 300 to 500 pieces that take about 2 days. Kids have fun. I have fun. We all have fun.

Oh yeah. I taught them to play Uno. They plotted against me and both ended up winning. So much fun to see the boys work together and be each other's friend instead of trying to plot against each other. Can we say we are phasing out of "that phase"? I hope so. Besties for life is what I tell them about each other.

Oh, and I should have pictures of them up but I'm so swamped with sewing projects-you'll just have to stop by for a visit.