Friday, January 27, 2012

I have a problem. It's multiplying. There's no possible way I can use it all. What you ask?

Sewing machines. Old sewing machines. I've got five small ones right now. At one time, it has been as high as twelve. I've been able to refurbish and give them to those interested in sewing.

I love it. I love seeing others enjoy and make stuff with their sewing machines. It's nice to find a home for them but I miss and remember every. single. machine which leaves my care.

From time to time, I look on ebay and craigslist just to look at sewing machines.

This week, I picked up a Necchi and she's beautiful. If I can find my camera I think you'll agree. She was sitting at our thrift store for $20. Hello. She had to come home with me.

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