Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Now that I am fully rested and not wiping bottoms anymore...

I've had time to reflect on what I would do differently now that I've had some distance babydom.

The only thing I would do differently would be to not be so hard on them to behave like a big kid.

I see moms shopping with little ones in the store and the frustration they spew when their little ones don't follow fast enough, want to touch or linger, or just babble with them about what's around them...I would STOP. And listen. Really look at them and listen.

These days, I run errands alone so when I hear the small voice of a little toddler being curious (what I used think was mischievous when I was raising my littles), I make sure to tell the parents to treasure this...and I compliment the parents who do take the time to treasure it with the kids.

I don't know if I make any sense other than I really miss having little ones running about my daily life.

I love and appreciate the stage my boys are at now...and I have to remind myself to let them live in the when they are outside still chasing each other with Nerf guns or still get excited to check out the toy isle. It won't be much longer when they won't want to. So, we linger and oooh and aaah the new Lego toys...

What I will tell you what I would do the exact same if I had to do it again...I WOULD STAY HOME AND LOVE ON MY KIDS. I never missed a hug, a kiss, or a fifieth step. I love, love being a mom.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cost of Freedom

I am very annoyed. Why?

Well, there's this virus called EBOLA that has been killing a lot of people in Africa.

And it's making it way to my beloved USA because selfish people who come back from this region do carry it back here.

So, the one person who came down with it and came back here has DIED!!! And caregivers like nurses and anyone else nearby have contracted it and/or quarantined to prevent the spread.

Sounds reasonable because people DIE from this virus.

So why would a nurse who came back from treating those with it in Africa and asked to be quarantined for 21 days is now PERUSING LEGAL ACTIONS BECAUSE SHE WAS IN ISOLATION FOR 21 DAYS!!!! That her freedom was infringed upon? Let's see, 21 days of NOT TORTURE BUT ISOLATION...small price to pay for making sure you don't bring back Ebola and be responsible for spreading and KILLING anyone.

It's okay to help infected people in Africa but not do what you can to help ensure it doesn't spread in your own country? I am tired of misguided do-gooders who are selective about the people the are willing to hurt while trying to HELP.

I would stay in for a year if it meant making sure I would not kill an innocent bystander.

Not what you want to hear when you finally get around to reading my blog but I needed to vent this morning.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's been five years between two officially timed first in 2009 and two weeks ago. This time around, I didn't train.

I had very good intentions with my Hal Higdon's half-marathon training program, but there were summer fires, raising kids, skin problems, vacations to take and frankly I just haven't been motivated.

So in September when I noticed my longest distance had been 3 miles (yikes!) and I had already paid the fee, I quickly (okay slowly) ran seven miles. I was going to keep running long miles.

But I didn't. I stalled and life got in the way. Two weeks before the race, I had been running only two miles.

Oh well. I ran it. I told myself just finish. So I did. Finish. Only four minutes slower than five years ago.

Mind you, I am still slow in the runners' world but I did it.

I joked that I trained like a man (my friend Ron cold-turkey runs races without training) and I don't recommend this way. I did it but I was not satisfied.

I've been consistently running since. I find pleasure in completing a run. I find my day is more manageable. I find I like myself more after a run.

Cheesy. I know. How do you feel after a run?