Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee and candy

I love coffee. But really only in the morning. I love the smell as it percolates and when I can have a hot cup with coffee, I am in better spirits. I don't like the discoloration of my teeth because of it but like any vice, you weigh the pros and cons and go about your business.

Last night, the boys and I had an Oompa Loompa candy-eating fest. My lovely is on a trip and the boys were sad so I went a dug out the Halloween candy that was stashed in the depths of my messy closet and just let them at it. They laughed and truly just enjoyed themselves like they were in on a secret. It took them 10 minutes of inquiry before they realized it was the Halloween Oompas that brought us the candy. Hmmm. Truly a fun moment with the kids because I let go of my need to allow only nutritious food through their mouths and just let them have their candy and eat it too. Once we had our fill, I threw away the rest of the bag.

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