Sunday, January 2, 2011

Caramel Corn

Those who know me know I hate gadgets. Kitchen gadgets. Cleaning gadgets. If I can do 90% of the work with a knife, mop, broom, or washclothes-I will not enjoy a gadget that will make cooking or cleaning easier. Part of this problem is because I don't have a lot of cupboards or storage closets to house gadgets. The lastest gadget my husband tried to talk me into was a was vacuum cleaner/hard floor steamer. Really? I've got a vacuum cleaner. I spot mop with cleaning clothes. I even have a mop when I really want to impress. So. Having laid this all out-I got a gadget I love today. A popcorn popper. Not the stovetop whirly pop kind. The oldschool air popper you plug in and watch it shoot out.

Why? Well we've been having family movie nights at least once a week at our house and the boys always want popcorn. So I would buy the microwave bags. I'm not a fan. The fat, the smell, the fake yellow butter that coats my microwave. Also, it's expensive. So, today we broke down and bought one. Got some of those powdered cheese flavoring for it and it was a healthier, less greasier snack.

Then, I really blew it out of the ballpark when I told my hubby I know how to make caramel corn. His eyes bugged and he about drooled about me making him some. All you have to say is caramel and I swear my hubby will give up his size 34 waist for it.
Here's the link to the recipe (love the bloggers) and I cut the butter in half and it still tasted great.

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H Love said...

I'm on it....I love CARMEL corn...this may just make me get in the kitchen! THANKS!