Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Garage space

My husband is quite possessive about our garage. In his defense, I am the boss of the rest of the house and needs the space to work on his two classic cars. If he even sees anything remotely belonging to me, he questions me about why it's there and how long before it gone from the premises. It's quite funny. Even my recycling has to go on our back patio because it can't sit in his garage. As of late, I've had to move it to the garage because it's been so cold I can't access the back patio without a huge draft coming in or digging through a mound of snow to get to the recycle bin. I promised it will go back to the patio once the weather warms up.

During the winter, we store the old cars in an indoor storage facility so my husband has been parking his truck inside. I didn't want to use the garage because I never have had my car in a garage and it feels claustrophobic to me. This has been working out just fine until we got a ton of snow and mornings with temperatures of 6degrees Fahrenheit and scraping the ice off my car. With husband going to work before 7am and a big diesel motor to warm up, it makes perfect sense to have his truck in the garage.

These past couple of days, my husband has been on a business trip so I've been parking in the garage. Oh dear. I don't know how he'll get his garage space back. No scraping the windows. A warm car after 3 minutes. Clean out my car without hauling everything through the front door. Pop the papers scattered in my car directly into the recycling bin. Wonderful. I don't know how I will be able to give the space back.

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