Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crazisense parenting

My kids have not been listening to me. When I ask them to do something, they look at me and when I'm done talking, just go back to what they were doing or just don't do the task. Ignoring me has caused the following things to happen too frequently in this house: rushing the kids out the door looking cattiwampus, putting them in time-outs, yelling at them to do the task, and generally being upset with them. As for me, I admit I've been letting them play by themselves a lot and giving them more freedom in playing by themselves. Could this be it?

I've been grumpy and frustrated with them. I'm thinking, they are spoiled and out-of-control and it's all my fault. I know. Seriously I am being drama. I just don't have a lot of confidence in my parenting skills. I'm in constant struggle with myself because I question my decisions with them.

Last night, I volunteered at the boys' Bible memorizing club. Ahh, hardly any of the kids listened. It was loud and crazy. I got to observe how Koo with other kids. He listened. He followed directions. Yes, there was a few times he was too chatty when he should have been listening, but on the whole-normal.

Whether it's too much earwax clogging up the ear passages or just an age appropriate behavior right now, I need to keep in mind the big picture and give the kids a break more often. I want them to relax and be happy at home. I want them to come home to visit me often when they leave the nest. One of my fears is when I talk to parents with adult male children-they never see their kids because the boys don't call or need them as much. Yikes!! Others have told me I need to have a girl otherwise I'll never see my kids when they are adults. I don't have girl. I want to still travel with my boys when they are older. I want to go to camping, vacationing, and just plain hang-out with them. Will I need to bribe and stalk them?! Such worry. Okay. I have officially rambled on into nonsenseness. See what I mean about Crazisense?

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