Friday, January 28, 2011

We are strong, We are proud, We are SAHMs!!!

My fellow blogger friend asked some questions regarding motherhood and SAHMs and if it's worth it. Here's my take.

TOTALLY WORTH IT. I was cuddling S.E. (which is near impossible these days because he hates cuddling as much as broccoli) at the doctor's office yesterday, a really neat lady sat next to us. She was older and asked if I stayed at home to watch my boys. S.E. replied "Yeah, she stays home so we can have playdates afterschool and not be on the bus"(very important to a six-year old these days-playdates).

This started the discussion on staying at home. She stayed at home with her six kids (ages 21 to 5), homeschooled all until they were old enough to head off to college, and she really enjoys being there to experience everything with her kids and husband. She spoke with pride and gratitude for being able to stay at home. I'd like to dub her the "Super Stay Homers".

While I am not a SSH, I wouldn't trade being there for my kids and seeing all their silly, crazy, awful, and happy moments. They are just moments that go way. too. fast. I miss their baby smell but can appreciate the tight hugs they give throughout the day. I love how they love going on daily adventures but love just lollygagging around the house.

I am not just a SAHM. I am a loving momgineer. I shell out love in the form of taking care of their needs, providing a stable foundation of security where they don't panic when I leave a room or house, and they will be the first to tell you I am here to take care of them. Because according to them, I earned the name "Mom" and I can only get this name by having them. This is not to say if you have adopted, foster, or raising stepkids you are not a MOM, just the act of loving and nurturing kids so they know they are important to us.

As I sat across them this morning, I said a prayer of thanks because they are truly the best thing that happened to me.

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