Saturday, January 8, 2011

I rejoined Weight Watchers today and am happy to do so because now I have a place to put my crazy weight/eating madness. I know when I need help and going was a burden off my shoulders because I can visually stop myself as long as I track. The meeting was full. There were a lot of familar faces and it was nice to see a new points system where most fruits and veggies are 0 points. I hope I don't go overboard with the fruits.

Second, I ran 6 miles today. However, I ran 3.2 of it in the morning and came back around 2pm to run another 3.2 miles. Why? Because I go bananas on the treadmill and also my legs were sore. More because I couldn't stand to stare at the same thing. So I made myself promise that I could get off at 3 miles if I will come back and finish it. I did and feel a lot better about my commitment to 20 miles/week. I was suppose to only do three today but my both my sons got sick and my hubby was out of town all week so I couldn't workout Thur. and Friday. Therefore, tomorrow I'll have to pull another six miles. I'm sure this is not a lot of miles to some and you may wonder why it will be hard for me? Well, because I've been slacking since November and not running as much and my mental state is weak when it comes to the treadmill. Outside running, no problem-the scenery changes. So I may be at the gym twice tomorrow but I live close so it's not a hardship.

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