Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Short Housewife

Take one short 4' 10" housewife. Take one monster truck with a bed when laid down measures to my shoulder.

Take one hubby this short housewife has a hard time saying "No" to ask "can you help me load up this transmission (weighing at least 300 lbs)...

You do it?!

So for the past week and a half you have really bad backpain and when you try to run you get shooting pain up your back.

This short housewife couldn't figure out why her back hurts...

Once she figures it out, she goes see her magic Chiropractor and with a lot of twisting, pop, snapping of your short body (which she exclaimed excitely b/c you are like a little doll for her). She informs you when you lifted above your waist, you tweaked your pelvis, jacked your back, so your body is not aligned anymore so hmmmm...go figure you have pain from knees to shoulders.

Today, this short housewife got herself back on the treadmill with trepidation.

The short housewife had no pain and she rain. She did hills and speed ladders. She did it with a grateful heart and thanked God for a painfree run.

This short housewife will not be moving anymore motors, headers, cabinets, or whatever else her lovely hubby asks her.

She will skip to her kitchen, whip up a dessert, and take it to a neighbor and ask him for help.

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