Wednesday, November 30, 2011

On the whole, my skin has been getting a lot better but about a month ago, I started to get flushed in the face when I eat some mysterious thing and I get little bumpies all over my body.

I feel itchy again. Mentally, I'm trying not to panic. I think it might be gluten. Today is day two of no gluten. I have been reading up on a condition in a small percentage of celiac sufferers (allergic to gluten) called Dermatitis Herpetiformis-instead of making your stomach and intestine cramp and hurt, it manifests through the skin.

In the article, it described the bumps and rashes that form in the exact parts as I have on my skin. And when it reoccurs, it comes back in the same area.

Looking forward, in addition to accupuncture, laser, and nutritional supplements, I am looking for a specialist who will perform this under-the-skin testing to determine if I truly have a gluten allergy. Regular blood and patch testing does not flag this condition. Also, I have an appointment with an allergy doctor with internal medicine specialty. Hopefully he can help provide some insight on why I continue to be sensitive when I wasn't 5 years ago.

I completely understand if you folks want to delete this blog, I have been consumed with my health and haven't had much fun posts. I'm just scared that I will not be able to get a handle on my condition.

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