Saturday, October 29, 2011

80's music

I love the 1980's. I love the music. I loved my piggyback permed hair (a la Whitney Houston in "I Wanna Dance with Somebody") which used to take 3 hours to achieve in a beauty parlor. I loved MTV when it was MUSIC TV. I loved leg warmers. I loved the decadance and innocence in adolescence. We didn't worry about the environment. We didn't worry about anything except will my pink socks show through my white Keds and will I have enough Aqua Net to keep my ratted bangs defy gravity?

Oh yeah and Rick Springfield's feathered hair and guitar.

This morning as with most Saturday mornings, we tune into the '80's music channel on Direct TV and dance with the boys.

Now. I know me some '80's music. Back in the day, if I couldn't dance to it, I didn't like it. Therefore, I was not into Glam Rock. Poisin. Cinderella. Warrent. Motley Crue. You get it. I tuned all these bands out. The only exception was BON JOVI. Love, love, Bon Jovi.

So back to Saturdays. A glam rock song came on and my husband was all over it. Danced the whiteman side-to-side shuffle, with a lip snare. Wow! What the %^&#@!!! Then he proceeded to tell the boys how much he loved this song. I, of course refrained from being a Downer Debby and kill his history lesson to the boys.

Then, the Psychodelic Furs's song came on "The Ghost in You" and I started to sing to it. The lovely burst out into "I was thinking I've never heard this song, but I bet Linhda would know". As soon has he said that, here I come out of my room singing along. He was teasing me. Teasing me. The Glam Rock lovin', side-to-side step dancing man was teasing his '80's queen.

Lastly, the Beastie Boys song "You gotta fight for your right" came on. S.E. heard the first lines of them not wanting to go to school and he declared this was his new favorite song.

Which brings me to this question, "Besides old biddies, does anyone get perms anymore?".

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