Thursday, February 24, 2011


While watching The Biggest Loser on Tuesday, something trainer Jillian Michaels said about what one's potential gave me goosebumps.

For those who didn't catch the show, she basically had the contestants run at a 12 speed on the treadmill when the most they had run was a 8-10 (for about 20 seconds). They grunted and a couple commented that there's no way they could do this. Well, they did do it. The look of pride and accomplishment is one we all recognize when we reach outside our comfort zone and do it.

Afterwards, Jillian said something like this "This is glimpse of your potential people-you get out of your way so that you can can do it. When you have the right attitude and the right tools". She then asks "What else are you doing half-assed?"

How many of us stop way before our potential? I know I have. I get scared. I get lazy. I worry about getting hurt. I worry that I don't know what I'm doing and don't have the confidence. I'm not just talking about exercising. I'm talking about everything from parenting, cooking, learning new things, or just being your true self.

These past two days, I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone and work on redefining my potential. I have not swam, actually swam in a lap pool for six years because I've had babies and once I had time, my skin was mutinous with the rest of my body. Also, I've never been a strong or even good swimmer. Yes, I've bit the bullet a few times and got into the kiddy pool to play with my kids but actually workout? No.

I did yesterday though. I swam for 25 minutes and it was exhilarating. My arms felt strong. My legs kicked. I put on this floating belt and ran in the water for part of it. My knees felt great. It was a struggle but afterwards, I was sure proud of myself for getting out of my way. Oh, as for my skin, my lovely greased me down with two lotions and it stayed on so my skin didn't get irritated. I hope to add swimming once/month if my skin allows it to my workouts.

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H Love said...

Great Post! Sky is the limit! Way to hit the pool! That is on my list as well!