Monday, February 7, 2011

Bad Knees

What good is a blog if you only write the happy-go-lucky stuff all the time? I'm not saying that's a bad's just not what I feel all the time...

I've been struggling bad with my weight and health. I keep getting relapses with my skin problem, my knees are killing me and I'm trying not to be a wimp about it so I'll run and then be in pain for days. Crap!!! My knees are not suppose to hurt in my 130's. It brings back memories of me in my 160's when I couldn't get out of bed without going to bed with 600 mg of Advil so my knees will work in the morning to pick up my babies and take care of them. I hate the old feelings/aches coming back when I tried so hard to get to where I am. Do I not get a break?! I'm frustrated and scared. I'm scared that I'm going to be too big again and I really don't think I can look at anyone who's told me I've been an inspiration to them in the past two years in the face if I gain back my weight.

Enough. I will just have to not run for awhile. I guess I'll just have to bike and ice my knees-and try not to eat the house down.

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H Love said...

you are going to be fine! don't let fear steal your todays! one moment at a time. I'm back....catch up soon!