Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day of my dreams

Today was one of those days I will look back fondly because I got to do three of my favorite things: garage sales, race, and eating. The morning started out with an indoor "garage" sale with almost 100 different booths. Heaven. I bought tons of books, two bags, a jacket for my friend, a mini iron, Kitchen-Aid hand mixer (25 cents). It was fun.

Next, I ran in a 4-mile race. It was trail running at it's best. If you don't like running hills and bumpy, muddy surfaces you will not like this race. I love running hills and I loved the breathtaking views as the trail wound up and down hills at a state park. Oh, and I ran it in 45 minutes which was wonderful for me with my bum knees.

Last, I got to go out to eat Italian pasta. I love Italian food but don't do this hardly at all because 1) we don't have a fantastic Italian restaurant in my town 2) it's not my lovely's favorite, so on the rare occasion we eat out it's not Italian.

Oh, and the mixed feelings part? I go to go by myself without husband and kids in tow. My friend Ro went and she did awesome running and looking for treasures.

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