Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What time in a day do you hate? What about it makes you dread this time? For me, it's between the hours of 3-5pm. This used to be the time my little ones would get up and we would have to find something to do before daddy comes home from work (usually he comes in way after 5pm).

So, here's what I dread. I am lethargic at this time. I am hungry at this time. If I'm going to hop onto the big numbers of the scale, it's due to munching during this time. I hate it when it gets dark around 4:30pm and everywhere around, it is quiet in the streets or if you see people, they are trying to hurry home or to whatever after 5pm appointment they've got to get there by.

What the boys and I have been doing during this time is watch House Hunters. The boys and I try to guess at the beginning what house the featured house hunters will buy. I think I had it though two days ago when I watched on where the woman was so picky, her husband was embarrassed. She even griped about the drapes. HELLLOOOOOO. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. Also, the number of times I hear someone who doesn't cook say "oh, the kitchen appliances are not stainless steel" or "this kitchen doesn't inspire me to cook".

I know it's a lot of money to buy a house but keep things in perspective people. I think the boys and I might be watching something else or just turn the TV off now that it's getting lighter during this time.

Oh, and I would welcome all and any play dates at this time to pass the time.


Betina said...

I agree. Those are the worst hours. I recommend playdough. Or the Science Center (since you live so close)... swimming? Library?

Also... have you ever tried making the cinnamon bread with the raisins mixed into the dough?

I have all the stuff for another batch of cinnamon rolls, but I know if I make them I will eat them ALL.

Ramblin' On said...

I have but sometimes the cinnamon inhibits my yeast and this way, I can double the batch and make one regular bread and one cinnamon raisin. Thanks. P.S. bummer on the hip problem.