Monday, February 14, 2011

I loved volunteering in Koo's class this morning. Brought crafts to make and a game of BINGO. The kids got to sew a big paper heart bag using yarn and of course flair with colors and doilies to decorate. Afterwards, we played Valentine BINGO where candy hearts were used as bingo chips. Koo told me the kids enjoyed having me there. So funny to see the kids play Bingo.

I brought in a veggie tray for S.E.'s class and didn't get to spend anytime in there but he said it was a very fun day.

Then, there's my lovely husband. He bent over backwards on Saturday to make a trip to Spokane, WA my best trip ever. I got to go to the thrift stores, sewing machine shop (the best part!), Nordstrom's Rack, Costco, Krispy Kreme, and a nice dinner. He drove and took care of the kids while I got to lollygag in the stores. It was all lovely. Dinner was so nice because the boys behaved and ate well. Oh, there was a couple of other things we did too-Chuck E. Cheese for the kids and Harbor Freight for dad. You know I can't make it a total "Me" day without giving back. That just ain't me.

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