Monday, October 11, 2010


I was remissed in mentioning all the hardwork of others around me and the sacrifice they've had to make so I could run. First and foremost, my lovely husband. Seriously, he has been patient and very supportive of me taking time out to train, bring me food, take care of the boys even when he wasn't feeling well, and to just have more faith in my ability than I had.

Next, my friends (and the boys surrogate aunt & uncle) Tia and Tio for taking my boys on a journey to Portland this past weekend so I could just focus on the race. My boys had an absolute fantastic time and they are ready to go next year. I'm not sure I can take another two straight days without my kids being an hour or so near. I will admit I had to look at a lot of pictures of them and called them way too many times during their time away but I missed their spirit in our home. Lovely and I spoke of how quiet it was around the house without them-and clean.

To my friends and trainers who only spoke of encouraging words and to support me when I believed I couldn't possible run a marathon. Also this may sound cheesy but whenever I was running a long run, I would think as I'm running along by myself, that I was actually being carried by God.

Now, this marathon didn't define me, what it did was a symbol of how strong I am to do something I never thought I could do. Whatever your "marathon" moment is, I hope this blog finds someone whose looking for that extra encouragement to push yourself.

Not bad for an overweight, pre-diabetic mom who two years ago couldn't make it through the day without taking six Advils just to do normal tasks.

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