Friday, October 22, 2010

My mom and dad are coming for a visit. Along with them, my younger sister and her three boys are coming too. I'll have a house full and am excited. In the past (about three years ago), I would fret and clean for a week straight before guests come. Now, I just walk around with a vacuum and suck up any dust, crumbs, or junk around the house. In addition, just making sure their beds are cleaned and made up and bathrooms sanitized. Along with a stocked fridge it took me almost two hours. So much happier with minimal cleaning and grooming. It gets dirty while they are here anyway. Why go to all the bother? I would rather save my energy and play with my nephews. Hopefully, if the weather permits, we will be swimming, walking to the park, and go to a corn maze. Should burn some energy out.

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