Monday, October 25, 2010

Homemaker Ramblings

My job description on any application is Homemaker. I feel pride in this title. I have three bosses. Two assistant managers S.E. and Koo. One big boss Lovely Hubby. I get paid in hugs and kisses and the freedom to pretty much make my own schedule. What I've learned being a homemaker that maybe useful to others thinking of doing the same.

1) Don't forget to find time for yourself(for me it's exercise, reading, and sewing). One hour, squeeze it in. When I was new to this job, I felt guilty when I would take a break and felt like I was cheating my family for not being there. But, my health suffered and I was really short with the kids because I felt overwhelmed.

2) Be thrifty as much as possible because kids are expensive and I'm not just talkin' diapers. Everything is temporary except for the relationship you develop with your kids.

3) Don't forget to spend time with your love-the man who made it possible for you to stay home. Taking care and talking about the kids is not meeting all his needs. I'm only starting to be better at this. Date night. Budget it in.

4) Get a tough skin against negative/well-intentioned busybodies (like myself) on how you should raise your kids. You know what's best for them. Trust yourself. Even if what's best for them is uncomfortable for you.

5) Get up and get yourself ready like you would go to work. When you feel better and look better, life's just a little bit more manageable.

6) Your kids and hubby never get tired of hugs and kisses...really. I'm not a real touchy feely person and it was hard in the beginning to do this but now, I stop and just kiss them and hug them. Even if I spend most of my day with them.

Okay, so it might not be so helpful but I guess I needed the reminding.

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