Monday, October 4, 2010


I've been off-kiltered with my priorities lately. I am a stay-at-home MOM. But lately, I've been getting short with the kids and not having time to do things like read to them, wrestle with them, volunteer in their classrooms (like I've always wished my mom could do when I was little and scared to be in a school not understanding much English). I find I'm short with them, not really helping or asking them about their schoolwork or show much interest when I drop them off at school.
Also, I have not made time for studying the Bible and continuing my relationship with God. I mean a deliberate relationship with him. I'm finding that I when I'm helping the kids with their verses, I just want them to memorize them-not explain what those verses mean. Something has to give.

So I am halting my alterations-on-the-side job. I don't make enough for the time I spend on stuff and I'll pick it up again once both boys are in school for more than two hours. I thought I could do this but I'm finding that any extra "free" time at home is spent working on fixing clothes for others. While I enjoy this, I love my boys so much I don't want to miss what it means to be a mom whose job is to help raise well-rounded boys and to stare at my husband for more than 10 seconds without wondering if I can sneak a moment downstairs to work. He works hard enough for us...So, I'm finishing up the last of my obligations and I'm done. Only for pleasure and for fun. I hope you all understand. My boys won't stop growing-they need my full attention.

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