Monday, April 20, 2009

Husband? Where Art Thou?!

My lovely is once again traveling for work but this time for the entire week. UUGGHHH!! How do single parents do it? I hate it when he is out of town. Although in lovely's defense, he really didn't want to go to this conference because he has to give a presentation on the last day of the conference. That means, no relief of the knot in his tummy until the curtain closes on the final day. Gross!!! Public speaking is worst than trying to lose 30 lbs.

Although one up side of having an engineer for a husband, he practices his presentation with you, you won't ever have trouble going to sleep. I wasn't sleepy before he started but the topic is so far from anything that interests me (like Physics...), I was nodding off and yawning afterwards. This topic was like a sleeping pill for me. I told him I couldn't work for his company because I wouldn't be able to stay awake long enough to get any work done. I wouldn't feel good about cheating a company out like that.

Hurry home and be safe husband.

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