Friday, April 17, 2009


It has a name!! Two nights ago, I woke up from dead sleep with sudden dizziness and the felt like I needed to vomit. This continued for the next six hours. I didn't know what it was-all I knew was the room would spin fast out of control and I felt like I was going to fall. Then because I was so dizzy, I wanted to vomit. Horrible. My husband finally convinced me to go to the hospital (I didn't want to because I was afraid I would have to wait for hours to be seen). I didn't want to disgrace myself in front of an audience. Thankfully, my friend took our boys and we were seen right away. I didn't know if I was having a stroke, menegitis, or ear infection. It turned out to be an inner ear infection called Labyrinthitis where the maze of canals fill with fluid or inflamed for whatever reason, it affects balance and hearing. This causes vertigo (spinning room feeling), loss of balance, nausea, vomit, hearing loss, and tinnitus. So far no hearing loss because I can still hear my boys fighting.

Anyway, there is not a cure but a medicine that helps with the symptoms so you can function until the inner ear heals called Meclizine (prescription and over the counter). I am forever thankful to the researchers who came up with this medicine. I have heard of others having vertigo and have never felt this outside of a merry-go-round, but I can't believe others have this chronically and stay sane.

Of course through all this, my lovely husband was there and he has been awesome at taking care of the boys so I can recover. Also, thank you C.B. for taking my boys.

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