Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kitchen-Aid Mixer

Oh how I love my Kitchen-Aid mixer, it makes me look so good with so little effort. I absolutely would be lost if it ever brokedown. I can't live without this little kitchen appliance. It's my R2-D2 sidekick but BETTER because it doesn't make obnoxious noises and I can eat what's in the bowl later.

What do I do with my super-duper mixer? I make homemade bread using the hook attachment (kneading?! never), whip up mashed potato, and make cheesecake batter. And that's just what I did today. I hate touching raw meat so when I have to mix up my ground meat for meatloaf or meatballs...all gets dumped into the mixer and I let it do the work. I even made lean ground pork using the grinder attachment.

Those that have one and using it regularly know what I'm talking about...those who have one and let it sit there-use it. Or better yet, call me I'll come over and teach you what fabulous stuff you can make with it. And those who don't have one, save up and get one. You'll never regret it.

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