Thursday, April 9, 2009

good news

Extra! Extra! Here all about it!! Good news finally...

I was so happy to see a good article on my Yahoo homepage when I fired up the computer this morning. It was about an awesome lady named Talon Curtis finding a real check for $357,959. She turned it into the bank and the check was picked up by the real owner of the check. She turned down a reward and just wanted to meet the owner in person (which didn't happen). She just wanted the owner and others to know that there were still honest people out there. I don't know anything about Ms. Curtis' life but she certainly made my day. I am tired of hearing bad news day in and out. I can't hardly listen to it and continue to be chipper while raising my little boys.

I need to know good things still happen and people still do things for each other without the promise of something in return. I need to hear this for me so I don't end up bubble wrapping my boys and sticking them in my basement so nothing bad happens to them. You think I'm kidding?!

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