Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Do you have a vice? Mine is coffee. Not fancy flavored coffee with steamed milk (it makes my tummy hurt).

But I like it light and sweet. My perfect cup is regular drip coffee from the Mr. Coffee maker with two packets of Splenda and 2 tsp CoffeeMate creamer...yes the powdered kind. Not classy. Not cool.

This is the way I've been drinking it since college. I've tried to break up with the light and sweet and I am left cranky and turning to diet soda for my fix and it's just not pretty.

The only thing is now that I'm a lady in her 40' teeth have been looking hella yellow. I used to do the Crest whitening strips but my teeth have become sensitive.

So, I should quit. But the thought of not having coffee in the morning is not pretty. What to do?

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