Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Annoying Ramblings

Do you roll your eyes when celebrities say that breastfeeding is their secret to getting back their pre-baby weight?

Uuuhhh...I breastfed for 15 months each son and the lowest I saw my weight go was 157 lbs. when Koo was ~6 months and was around 165 lbs. and my feet, knees, and back were hurting so bad I would have to take up to six Advils per day to make it through the day.

I was just visiting a friend who has three beautiful girls from a few months to the oldest a four year-old. She feels embarrassed to not have lost weight or made time to exercise.

Hello!!! I had to give her a reality check that just getting enough sleep and keep your babies safe and loved should top anything else. She is beautiful. She is a nursing mother loving on her kids. She doesn't have to be on tour or be in a bikini for a magazine shoot-take your time and do what you can.

Then I reminded her Koo was three before I even got back volumptuous body if you will to Weight Watchers because I still ate like I was nursing.

We hugged and laughed and I got to hold her delicious baby with the yummiest thighs and cheeks.

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