Sunday, March 18, 2012


Yours Truly ran a 10k race yesterday and guess what? While my friend J aka the Hare and I (the Tort) were waiting for the awards to be announced (she was the top 2 women finisher). She's hella fast.

We were just turning to leave and then they called my name. What the hell? I guess I placed 3rd in my age group of 40-49 (there were eight women in this age group). I finished in 1 hr 3 minutes. This was a small race ~500 participants.

Let me be the first to say I have never gotten a ribbon for running other than what they give every participant. I know this was a smaller race but it was not ever on my radar to place anywhere. I was so surprised, I didn't realize what my friends were screaming about. They started laughing so hard at my shock.

It felt pretty nice and while I know this is not likely to happen again...for this to happen just once is pretty neat-o.

Oh and the second best part was when we asked a gal to take a picture of the Hare and I, she told me she tried but couldn't catch me. ME. So bazarro.

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