Thursday, March 15, 2012

...and this too shall pass

I tear up when I hear these words. It is so comforting because it means hope to me. As we grow older and more aware of our surroundings, it seems like those around you are going through a tough time...

It was my family last year. Last year this time, I found out I'd had mononucleosis for a couple of months and so did my lovely. This alone would be not be difficult but the fact that it manifested through my skin and causing the most painful, itchy, pussy-looking skin for six months was crazy.

And I would chat in my head at times when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore that IT WILL PASS. I didn't believe it last August. It was a very low, low point. In addition to nutritional supplements, I was taking: (2) Allegra, (8) Benadryl tablets, (4) Clorotabs-per DAY. And I was creaming myself up with every anti-itch creme/lotion 24-7.

Today, I wanted to post a message of hope because I don't have any open sores!!! As long as I stay healthy, my body won't go on attack mode and reve up my immune system to fully arm for war and attack my body.

Take the time to take care of your body. I hope whatever you are going through shall pass. Today, I am grateful and I will not be critical of the body God gave me.


H Love said...

You are beautiful! You love for others shines.

Ramblin' On said...

Thanks H-Love. I pray for your family and continued good health. I'm cheering for your recovery and of course Ryan's.