Friday, October 28, 2011

Revamped Aprons

Isn't it about time? With life kind of going crazy, working on projects and posting them seem to be impossible. However, when my favorite white shirt got spaghetti sauce on it-it was go time for aprons.

I love aprons. If you drop by my house, you will often find me wearing an apron. Aprons make it possible for an under 5 feet mama to get cooking without getting the top part of my shirts dirty or wet. What is an average height countertop goes to my armpits. I need maximum coverage on top.

Another reason is when I am wearing my apron, I can let my gut relax and I don't see my tummy rolls. And the pockets of the aprons holds many a small pieces of legos, paper, and whatnots as I walk through my house picking up after two juicy boys.

Here's where thrifty meets creativity. I found these six aprons at a thrift store for $0.50 each. Not my style because half aprons don't work for my shortframe b/c of the beforementioned height problem. I had to buy them because some lady somewhere took the time to make these wonderful aprons. And I do love me a crafty woman.

So, I cut them up and turned them into my favorite full-length version. Yes, they do look like they can fit an eight-year old...

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