Monday, October 24, 2011

Warning: Serious Ramblin' On on this post

I get tired of the victim mentality protrayed on the internet. When I open my internet, it goes to the Yahoo! homepage. In the center, there are headline news/commentaries about celebrities.

I don't always click on it unless it's someone I find interesting. Today, there are two stories which as I opened and read, annoyed the crap out of me: Madonna's homeless brother and Martha Stewart's daughter's tell-all book about her mom.

Losers to both Anthony and Alexis. Anthony sounds like he is of sound mind and body, can't find work after a year and half so he is homeless and doesn't understand how his sister can't help him. Really buddy? You are a grown man. Get a job. If the roles were switched, would you help your sister out? I'm not a Madonna fan, but really, she has worked hard to sell herself (literally) for the buck and you think you can live off her?

As for Alexis Stewart. What a bigger loser. Instead of making herself her on person on her own merits, she sells out her mother for her own monetary gain. Ungrateful. To make matters worse, she used to have a talk show just to rip into her mother's show.

People, if you feel you didn't get a fair shake in your childhood/life, get up, work hard without taking others down with you, and get on with your life. We all have too.

I'm sorry if this blog is a waste of your time, I understand if you never look at it again but if I were to raised boys who all they did in life was complain about what I didn't/give them.

I would take the high road, know you did the best with what you knew at the time, and tell them they are automonous now, THEY get to decide how they live the rest of their lives-without blaming me for their failures.

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