Thursday, October 13, 2011


I am finding that I wear my heart on my sleeves a lot these days. I tear up almost all the time. I can't even wear non-waterproof mascara anymore.

What tears me up?

There's the obvious when I hear a friend's world has been shaken up with the bad news.

Hearing "Fathers and Daughters" from Paul Simon.

I tear up when I get to hold a baby.

Hearing S.E. (the non snuggler) ask me to snuggle with him-which I promptly throw bedtime curfew out the window and plop my hinny on my comfy seat and hold him. I love the smell of him. I love his run-on sentences and hearing about his discovery of learning how to spell.

I cry for my little Koo when his feelings get hurt so easily or when he is so happy when he is on the soccer field-not even getting hit in the head by the ball during practice broke his stride.

I tear up when I visit with a friend who is getting better and she's doing well. I cheer with her.

I even tear up when I think of how warm and just spoiled I am. I am loved wholeheartedly by one man and two little boys.

I tear up when Koo wants to brush my hair and pluck my grey hairs because he doesn't want me to get old and leave him.

I tear up when S.E. thanks me for cutting the crust off his lunch and for making his PB and J mushy (that's how I used to like it when I didn't care about carbs and fat). Just like mom.

You get the idea. As I write this post, I'm tearing up.

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