Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had been feeling "off" this past two months. Just super tired. So tired that I would fall asleep in the middle of the day...several times...and be in bed by 9pm and wake up still tired.

My workouts in February were sluggish at best so I went to the doctor to get bloodwork done to see if my thyroid medication needed adjusting.

I got my results diabetes, thyroid still rockin' at the dosage of synthroid I'm takin', no anemia, but I've got MONONUCLEOSIS. What?!! And then whewwwwww...

I was praying it was not diabetes because these past two years' change of diet and workout have been primarily motivated by the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

Let's review mononucleosis (mono)...kissing virus...that's how it's passed along. No treatment other than to ride through it...symptoms include fatigue, body aches, and headaches, and sore throat. I have had all three for at least a month or so and I thought I just wasn't "tough enough" now that I don't have beefcake trainer telling me to "suck it up".

This would explain my killer migranes and the body aches that gave me flashbacks of when I was in the 160's and was aching everywhere, all the time.

Okay. So I can deal with mono. I will still push on. Run. Laugh. Not kiss my boys. Be kind to myself. Make someone's day.

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