Saturday, March 19, 2011

Two Fat Ladies

Seriously. I had heard of these two ladies back in my college days but I didn't own a t.v. so I didn't pay attention.

Fast forward 12 years. The Cooking Channel. Two self-proclaimed fat ladies cooking English fare with reckless abandonment to cardiovascular health. They were frying fatty pork dredged in flour in pork lard. Love it!!! They said it's the only way to get a certain crispiness.

Next, a pie with raw, unseasoned lamb pieces and carrots in-between. The ladies have a wonderful accent. They travel along the most picturesque countryside of England cooking up a storm for folks along the way. Oh, and what do two fat ladies travel in? A motorcycle fit with one of those side carts.

At the end of each episode? Them sitting around commenting on how the fare went, usually one lady is seen smoking and the other having a bit of tea.

I absolutely love this show. I love how they don't give a crap about what's correct. They cook how they want. They smoke how they want. The travel where they want. I want to be like that.

Except I'm not brave enough to ride a motorcycle and I'd like to not be fat. And I don't think I could muster all the pork lard.

Although, I do like inviting friends and family over to cook and bake to my heart's desire because not sharing what I've learned is a waste...

...and a sensible gal like me hates waste.

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