Friday, March 4, 2011

2011 goals revisited

Remember these goals?

1) Run 20 miles per week
2) Run two 5ks with my kids
3) L0se 5 lbs
4) Run 2 marathons

Seriously? What was I thinking?!

Well, snagged up is what has happened. Being worried about my knees and when I was running 15 miles / week for two weeks, I could barely straighten my knees out at night. Worried and not being able to shake the pain, I've really cut back on my running. So, why do I feel so terrible about not meeting my goals?

I am learning to accept that working out is a lifetime goal, not a yearly goal. If I blow out my knees now-I won't have it later. I can have surgery...eventually but as I look around and there's not one person who've had knee surgery under 50.

So what have I been doing? Lifting more weights and strengthening the muscles around my knees. So, I won't be able to run a marathon in May. Just as long as I continue to run, I'm not going to sweat the big runs. For right now, I'm going to get my knees healthy.

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H Love said...

Cheers to healthy knees!!