Monday, March 21, 2011

A case of the Mondays

I have the case of the Mondays. Woke up to more stomach and headache. Kids were lovely in the morning.

Off to school. Rat!!! Only one carseat. We took husband's truck on Saturday and forgot to put carseats back. Good thing dad only works 5 minutes away. Breaking the law and my internal sweating goin' on as the boys and I go get the other carseat.

Oh...cruddy. Loud grinding noise. Weird. Is it coming from my car?! Turn off music. Yes. It. Is. Crap-ola.

Slowly creeping to Husband's work so he can diagnose and we can get carseat. Still doable. Still making it on time to get S.E. to school on time.

Crap. Again. Husband's work building is secure and you have to have access card to enter. So, I'm standing around waiting for someone to come to work. Key the "Jeopardy" final question music.

Yes!!! 2 minutes and a delightful co-worker saved me by going in to get my hubby.

Ahhh...out comes engineer hubby and quicker than Clark Kent can switch into Superman, hubby the mechanic works his magic. What's the deal-le-o? Somehow a rock got squished between the left front wheel and a plate (slightly panicked b/c now S.E. should be taking off his coat in class). Should I drive around town with this? No? Nada? Okay. Gather up your stuff boys...

We Chinese firedrill it and switched cars with hubby so he can get back to work and I can get kids off to school. All I'm thinking is I sure hope I can run with my stomach hurting.

Kids off to school with success and I was off to the gym. Oh wait. No access card b/c it's in my car...not this ginormous diesel truck I am driving. I was not meant to run this morning.

Oh well. Let's go home and get some chores done instead.

After picking up S.E., he announces his head hurts and he isn't feeling well, therefore no swimming lesson today for him.

I am going to sit on the couch and pop a couple of Advil and hope my head doesn't explode and my stomach doesn't groan more because of the medicine.

Here's to a quiet afternoon...

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H Love said...

thinking of you!! feel better soon friend!