Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Ancient" Asian Tip: How to pick good fruit

Nothing is worse than buying fruit at the grocery store and when you bite into it, it's bland or rubbery; it's worse when it's both. I have to admit, I rarely have this problem. Why?

My mama taught me how to pick out good fruit at the market when I was young and it still holds true. Even more so when fruit is offered off-season. How is this possible?

SMELL THE FRUIT. At the base of the fruit. Smell it. Really smell it. And while you are smelling it, squeeze it. It should smell like the fruit. If your first thought is "I really can't tell" put it back. It's not going to be sweet and tasty. Try again. And again. Really. It will take me more time to get past the fruit section of a grocery store than any other part because I have to smell it. The only exception are bananas. These ripen really quick once it gets home so I'm not as picky about bananas.

After smelling and squeezing it, give it a quick once look-ee-see (watch out for fold or bruising), then there you go. Sweet fruit.

Oh, and all this is nil if you let your fruit just die on your countertop. Eat it. Enjoy it. I certainly do.

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