Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring cleaning

All it takes is the weather to change and I can't remember where I left the boxes of the boys summer clothes to send me into my "Is this the beginning of Alzcheimer's?" panic which results in purging and re-organizing closets that have been stuffed with all the junk I've shoved in there for the past year or so. After two days of purging, I was able to locate the boys boxes of summer clothes and I am calm again.

This is how my spring cleaning kicks into full gear. Also the beginning of garage sale season is here and I need to make room for all the "maybe I might need this" stuff I bring home.

Other then the fear of losing my mind, the only time I get my butt into deep organizing is when my extended family call me up to say "we are coming to visit this weekend". Yikes!!!

After that much purging and cleaning, I feel like I can move around my house without the fear of hurting myself whenever I open a closet door or drawer.

Now...where is that ice cream maker?! Here we go again...

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