Monday, May 11, 2009

Duped into doing something awesome!

Here's the conversation last Wednesday with my training partner.
"Can you believe we actually did Bloomsday?! We ran 7.46 miles!!"
"We can do this again."
"I think we should go for a long run Saturday."
"I think I have a route in mind that might be 7 miles."

So off we went with our friend C.B. on Saturday to go for our close-to-7 miles. My legs were sore for the first two miles and I was a little worried that I collapse but at around mile 4 (I'm guessing mind you), I was in a zone and felt like I've already gone this far-what's another few miles?

About a mile from my house where we started, there's a killer hill on Hall Street (one that makes Doomsday hill seem like a molehill), my training partner took off and was in the lead. She was awesome!!! Considering two months ago, she had to walk a part of it-it was amazing to see her progess. All this while her shoes still didn't fit right. At the end, we were tired but not as much as when we finished Bloomsday so we went off happy.

Yesterday, curiousity got the better of us and we drove the run to figure out how far we ran. We ran 8.2 miles!!! Whoa!!! We started laughing because I think if we knew ahead of time that we were going to go THAT far, I'm not sure I would have done.

How neat was that?! I am so grateful for my training partner and C.B. for being there to push me along.

My new nickname for my training partner is Hall Slayer.

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